Real Estate & the Built Environment

Working with critical actors across the real estate sector & the built environment to craft and deliver sustainable strategies for future growth, enhance capital productivity, and increase resilience in a rapidly changing climate

We help key players from across the real estate sector – from investors to manufacturers and service providers – to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth and deliver transformational impact through sustainable strategies, enhanced decision making, and delivery of a shared vision. Our proprietary tools and solutions, combined with our deep expertise across the built environment, are the fundamental pillars of value we bring to our clients.

Who we support

Investors (REITs, CRE, Asset Managers)

We work closely with real estate investors and operators to seize opportunities arising from shifts in the industry. We support real estate investors on a variety of sustainability and climate topics, ranging from Net Zero target setting to physical climate and transition risk analysis.

Construction & Developers

We serve construction services firms and developers to create sustainable and resilient spaces that deliver unrivaled experiences for tenants & users. We work with our construction and developer clients to embed sustainable growth and efficiency into their operations.

Building Materials Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail

We support key upstream players in the real estate lifecycle, from building materials manufacturers to distributors and retailers, helping them create and deliver high-quality products for their clients sustainably and resiliently.

Non-profits & Thought Leaders

We work with mission-driven organizations at the intersection of real estate and climate to enhance impact delivery by optimizing their strategies, expand the scope of impact, and enhance delivery models. We leverage our multi-sectoral network to create collaborative opportunities between for-profit and non-profit actors.

Architecture Firms & Design Services

We support architectural and design services firms to be sustainable and climate-forward leaders, leveraging their position at the ideation and design stages of the real estate lifecycle to conceive and create cutting edge sustainable and resilient spaces.

Solutions Providers

We work with a range of real estate service providers and technology disruptors to enable them to reshape the industry through delivery of new sustainable business models and resilient solutions that bridge the needs between the future and those of traditional value chains.

How we support our clients

We help our clients define a shared vision for what they wish to accomplish and the impact they seek create, in alignment with organization’s mission and goals.

We work in partnership with key actors in the built environment to craft sustainability and ESG strategies – ranging from Net Zero to climate risk mitigation – which are aligned with their needs.

We support real estate players and firms with large physical footprints to quantify and capture revenue generation and cost optimization opportunities associated with sustainability and ESG in the built environment.

We help our clients identify and plan for climate-positive investments, including navigating the world of climate finance flows and sustainability tax credits.

We work in partnership with our clients to optimize how they deliver on their ESG, sustainability, and climate commitments, ensuring achievement of ambitious targets.

We deploy our digital assets to help clients tackle data challenges and build sustainable, scalable solutions tailored to built environment actors.

We support our built environment clients to enhance their reporting & disclosures, remaining compliant with requirements and in line with peers.

We collaborate closely with client working teams to help craft narratives which highlight the climate-positive and value generating outcomes they have achieved.

Our People

Managing Director, Washington DC

With a background spanning both urban planning and private real estate development in the United States and Middle East, Andrew supports real estate investors and other firms with large portfolios of physical assets to create sustainable strategies which integrate resilience and sustainable risk management into their business models and investment processes.

Managing Director, San Francisco

Ben has led sustainability and growth strategy projects for clients across the real estate ecosystem, including investment firms, construction materials manufacturers, PropTech companies, and more. He supports clients on a number of strategic topics such as setting net zero targets, embedding sustainability and emissions reduction into capital deployment, and capturing sustainable growth opportunities.

Featured tools & solutions


Real Estate Climate Risk Assessment (RECRA)

RECRA combines property-level physical climate risk data and proprietary analytics to help REITs and organizations with large physical footprints to rapidly assess the risks facing their portfolios, size value at risk, and prioritize where to act.

ESG Data Platform

Telesto’s ESG Data Platform offers an integrated ESG data solution tailored to your organization’s specific business needs. The platform enables your organization to automatically calculate Scope 1-3 emissions, conduct materiality assessments, and generate TCFD- and SBTi-aligned reports with a single click. 


Featured insights

Materiality assessments are a central part of REITs’ ESG reporting and disclosures. After reviewing the top 100 American REITs materials, Telesto analyzes the trends shaping the space.​

The “S” in ESG represents social factors, which are increasingly recognized as crucial considerations for real estate firms. The “Social” category includes a company’s impact on society and its stakeholders.

For real estate firms looking to create long-term value, the integration of environmental factors continues to be a strategic imperative. While some real estate firms hesitate and perceive ESG initiatives as a financial hurdle, a closer look reveals that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Where the World is Going

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