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Supporting Corporate Directors to mitigate ESG and climate risks, stay ahead of changing regulatory regimes, and enhance disclosures and reporting in the face of increasingly complex environments

We support Corporate Directors – from boards of directors to members of key committees and the C suite – to hedge against ESG and climate risks, adapt to and stay ahead of regulatory changes, and enhance climate and sustainability disclosures & reporting. We do this by making available to our clients proprietary tools and solutions as well as our deep expertise from working with executive clients from a wide array of sectors and geographies.

Who we support

Boards of Directors

We help board members develop foundational knowledge around sustainability, climate, and ESG in alignment with anticipated training requirements at the board level. We work with boards to understand and comply with requirements stemming from fast-paced and complex shifts across regulations and jurisdictions.

Audit & Risk Committees

We work with Audit & Risk Committees to integrate climate and ESG risk into overall Enterprise Risk Management,  deliver on key mitigation strategies to reduce risk, and enhance disclosure and reporting in the face of increasing regulatory, investor, and consumer pressure.

ESG & Sustainability Committees

We support dedicated board-level ESG & Sustainability Committees to set and execute their strategies, drive value creation, and integrate physical climate, transition, and ESG risk into their broader Enterprise Risk Management frameworks.

Executive Committee (C Suite)

We help C-level executives to proactively and confidently engage their boards on ESG and sustainability by identifying and prioritizing risks, articulating mitigation strategies, and conducting regular reporting to their boards on progress.

Governance Committees

We work with Governance Committees to develop and put in place policies which govern processes for ESG and climate disclosures and compliance and duties of board members around ESG and climate. 

Finance Committees

We support Finance Committees Financial to understand and quantify the financial impact of climate and ESG risk to the business and integrate ESG into financial reporting (e.g., SASB).

How we support our clients

We work closely with our Corporate Director clients to understand, embed, and mitigate ESG and climate risks facing their businesses.

We support our Corporate Director clients to enhance their reporting & disclosures, remaining compliant with requirements and in line with peers.

We help our Corporate Director clients to develop foundational knowledge around sustainability, climate, and ESG in alignment with anticipated training requirements.

We work with our Corporate Director clients to be more proactive and forward-looking in how they help their businesses craft and deliver on their ESG & sustainability strategies. 

Our People

Ben Vatterott

Managing Director, San Francisco

Ben has served global F2000 companies on growth and value-generating strategies for the past decade. His work includes strategy development for startups with $100M seed funding, asset acquisition and management for a $15B fund, GTM strategies, customer segmentation, brand rationalization, and price rationalization for companies across real estate, manufacturing, payments, telecommunications, and others. 

Alex Kruzel

CEO & Founder, Chicago

Alex has served as a thought partner to board members and c-level executives in private and public sectors over the past 20 years. With a focus on growth and value-generation, Alex has supported clients across the US and Global South to integrate ESG, Climate, and Sustainability into their organizational strategies. Formerly with Deloitte’s emerging market practice and President of Market Strategy Group, Alex decided to launch Telesto to bring new ideas and solutions to complex global problems.

Andrew Alesbury

Managing Director, Washington DC

Through nearly a decade of helping executive leaders improve their strategic planning and enterprise management, Andrew has developed deep experience supporting corporate boards in unlocking new value for their companies. He has supported a wide array of executive clients across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, from enhancing an S&P500 real estate investment trust’s enterprise risk management approach to developing a local content strategy for a >$50bn portfolio for a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund.

Featured insights

With so much happening at the national and international level, it’s important that corporate directors and officers cut to the most pressing questions and issues around ESG today. We’ve developed a set of questions across a range of scenarios that we believe will help expose critical vulnerabilities, better manage limited resources, and highlight growth opportunities for the business.

Cybersecurity threats continue to propagate and intensify, posing enormous risks to enterprise value. This article explores why corporate directors should include cybersecurity in the design and implementation of ESG strategies.

Audit Committees have long been instrumental in enhancing disclosure practices. As standards on Corporate Sustainability and ESG come into sharper focus, the Audit Committee will play an increasingly important role in overseeing ESG disclosures and risk managment.

Featured tools & solutions


From the boardroom to the C Suite, Atlas equips corporate directors and corporate leaders with the insights and understanding necessary to keep up to date with and seize business opportunities across sustainability and ESG. Designed for leaders looking for in-depth knowledge on the world of sustainability and ESG, Atlas offers proprietary insights and approaches that will equip them for the future.


Prism helps Corporate Directors to rapidly take stock of their business’ competitive value proposition through in-depth benchmarking of industry peers and identification of gaps and areas of distinction. Covering a comprehensive array of sustainability, climate, and ESG performance metrics across multiple sectors, Prism enables your company to identify how best to sharpen its competitive edge.

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