Where the World Is Going

At Telesto Strategy, we work every day to advance our vision to regenerate the planet, and we seek to partner with those who share the same unwavering commitment. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Who We Are

We are a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and ESG-focused strategy consulting firm founded with a bold vision to support businesses and governments in the regeneration of the planet’s health, resources, and wellbeing.

We aim to achieve this ambition through our dual missions:
(1) Reframing how businesses, organizations, and countries can achieve enduring and inclusive growth
(2) Redirecting corporate strategy to solve the biggest challenges of our time while delivering a positive ROI

Our Research & Insights

Generating novel thought leadership that advances the global dialogue around our key areas of focus is a critical component of our work.

Our ESG Maturity Model

Through our experience working with leading organizations in the ESG space, we have developed a strong understanding of how organizations evolve throughout their ESG and Sustainability journeys.

How We Work

In our mission to drive sustainable, inclusive, and climate-positive growth for our clients and partners, we leverage a range of tools and solutions around 4 main themes:

Strategy & Engagement Accelerator​

Informed by decades' worth of experience serving leaders across the public and private sectors, we support clients in designing and delivering robust solutions across a wide range of ESG-, sustainability-, and climate-focused topics

Expert Network

Our Expert Networks offers our clients a world-class group of global subject matter experts and advisors on a wide array of critical ESG-, sustainability-, and climate-related topics

Versatile ESG Platform​

Our digital platform supports climate action by helping our clients define, monitor, and hold themselves accountable for their ESG and sustainability goals

Climate Capital Exchange​

Recognizing the importance of finance for climate solutions, our Climate Capital Exchange works to make climate capital more efficient and introduce the necessary data and technology to deliver

Stay in Touch With Us

As a rapidly growing, mission-driven firm, we are always evolving and tackling new and exciting topics within the ESG and climate spaces.
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