Manufacturing & Production

Helping manufacturers & producers to respond to changing customer preferences, capture growth opportunities, and galvanize new and sustainable revenue streams

We support manufacturers & producers – from machinery & metals to packaging & plastics – to seize sustainable growth opportunities and capture new value pools through sustainable strategies, enhanced decision making, and execution on shared ambitions. We do this by making available to our clients proprietary tools and solutions which accelerate insight and decision making as well as our deep expertise at the intersection of sustainability and manufacturing.

Who we support

Machinery & Metal Manufacturing

We work closely with machinery & metals manufacturers to unlock new revenue growth opportunities stemming from customer sustainability preferences while also helping them become more responsive to downstream client requests for ESG-related data and information.  

Packaging & Plastics

We help packaging & plastics producers to seize new market opportunities, reduce risks arising from shifts in customer preferences, and capture efficiencies,  from integrating circularity principles to creating new revenue streams.

Food & Beverage

We serve food & beverage companies to unlock critical value pools associated with growing ESG and sustainability consumer demands, from showcasing achievements and sustainable sourcing to delivering on commitments and ecofriendly packaging.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We support consumer packaged goods producers to distinguish themselves as sustainable and climate-forward leaders, leveraging achievements and commitments to sustainability to create distinctive value propositions which differentiate them in the marketplace.

Textiles & Apparel

We work with textile and apparel manufacturers to integrate sustainable and ESG-forward practices into their business models, enabling them to create platforms and proof points which distinguish them among downstream customers.

Automotive Parts

We support upstream automotive parts producers to seize sustainability and ESG opportunities which allow them to create new competitive positioning for downstream manufacturers. 

How we support our clients

We help manufacturing firms understand how customer preferences on sustainability and ESG are changing and the impacts that this has on their business models and products. 

We work closely with our manufacturing clients to identify and quantify the largest value pools associated with sustainability and ESG within their sector which are aligned  with their business.

We help manufacturing and production firms prioritize where the greatest sustainability and ESG-driven revenue growth opportunities and deliver on value creation initiatives.

We support our manufacturing clients to think beyond their current portfolio and create new products, services, and closed-loop business models.

We collaborate closely with manufacturers & producers to build messaging which highlights the climate-positive and value generating outcomes and commitments they have achieved.

We help client working teams craft narratives around sustainability goals and ambitions which resonate and excite leadership & customers.

We work in partnership with our clients to optimize how they deliver on their ESG, sustainability, and climate commitments, ensuring achievement of ambitious targets.

We support our manufacturing clients to enhance their reporting & disclosures, remaining compliant with requirements and in line with peers.

Featured tools & solutions


Prism helps manufacturers & producers to rapidly strengthen their competitive value proposition through in-depth benchmarking of industry peers and identification of gaps and areas of distinction. Covering a comprehensive array of sustainability, climate, and ESG performance metrics across sectors, Prism enables your company to identify how best to sharpen its competitive edge.


PositivESG helps manufacturers & producers identify and unlock the financial value at stake from sustainability and ESG. From revenue uplift and futureproofing your business against transition risks to operating efficiencies and employee productivity, PositivESG takes baseline information about your organization, industry, and business model to quantify and prioritize value pools available through sustainability and ESG initiatives.  

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