Transportation & Logistics

Helping transportation & logistics providers to respond to craft and develop sustainable strategies for future growth, respond to changing customer preferences, capture growth opportunities, and make their supply chains more resilient in a changing world

We help transportation & logistics players – from 3PL to aviation & air cargo – catalyze sustainable and inclusive growth while delivering transformational impact through sustainable strategies, improved decision making, and delivery of a shared vision. We do this by making available to our clients proprietary tools and solutions as well as our deep knowledge built over years of supporting clients from across the sector to create enduring impact.

Who we support

3PL, Freight Forwarding, & Trucking

We work closely with third-party logistics providers, freight forwarders, and trucking services providers to seize opportunities arising from shifts in the industry. We support them on a variety of sustainability and climate topics, ranging from Net Zero target setting and fleet decarbonization to physical climate and transition risk analysis.

Warehousing & distribution

We support warehousing & distribution companies to provide sustainable and resilient services to their customers while protecting their physical assets. We partner with warehousing & distribution clients to embed sustainable growth and efficiency into their operations and capitalize on opportunities to be at the leading edge of their industry.

Post, parcel, & express

We serve key post, parcel, & express players in the transportation and logistics space by helping them deliver high-quality services for their B2B and B2C clients in a sustainable and resilient manner all while enhancing their value proposition for customers.


We work with shipping and maritime freight providers to integrate sustainable and resilient practices into their business and delivery models, enabling them to create platforms and proof points which distinguish them among their competitors.

Aviation & air cargo

We help clients in the aviation & air cargo space to distinguish themselves as impactful and sustainability-forward leaders, leveraging their achievements and commitments to sustainability to create distinctive value propositions which differentiate them in the marketplace.

How we support our clients

We help our clients define a shared vision for what they wish to accomplish and the impact they seek to create, in alignment with organization’s mission and goals.

We help logistics & transportation providers understand how customer preferences on sustainability and ESG are changing and the corresponding impacts on their business models and services. 

We work in partnership with key actors across transportation & logistics to craft sustainability and ESG strategies – ranging from Net Zero to climate risk mitigation – which are aligned with their needs.

We support transportation & logistics players with large physical footprints to quantify and capture revenue generation and cost optimization opportunities associated with sustainability and ESG in the sector.

We work in partnership with our clients to optimize how they deliver on ESG, sustainability, and climate commitments, ensuring resource-efficient achievement of ambitious targets.

We deploy our digital assets to help clients tackle data challenges and build sustainable and scalable solutions tailored to logistics & transportation providers.

We support our transportation & logistics clients to enhance their reporting & disclosures, remaining compliant with requirements and in line with peers.

We collaborate closely with client working teams to help craft narratives which highlight the climate-positive and value generating outcomes they have achieved.

Featured tools & solutions


Prism helps transportation & logistics players to rapidly strengthen their competitive value proposition through in-depth benchmarking of industry peers and identification of gaps and areas of distinction. Covering a comprehensive array of sustainability, climate, and ESG performance metrics across sectors, Prism enables your company to identify how best to sharpen its competitive edge.


Parallax helps transportation & logistics players right-size clean energy investments and conserve financial resources in delivering on emissions reduction targets. Designed to help your organization understand what internal investments are required vs. what benefits will be realized from the external greening of the grid and where on-site renewables are viable, Parallax leverages proprietary analytics to understand how your organization can achieve commitments cost effectively.

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