Why Telesto

We are a growing team that is always looking to add highly capable and motivated team members. Here's why you should consider joining us

As an organization, Telesto offers a unique opportunity for people who are looking to bring technical aptitude, strategic thinking, and passion together in concert to solve some of the planet’s most pressing challenges. We seek prospective team members from a diverse array of backgrounds and levels of experience – all of whom are motivated by an unyielding focus on global impact and commitment to rigorous approaches. As such, we are always looking for distinctive problem-solvers with demonstrated ability to conduct rigorous analyses, who are passionate and committed to joining a growing, mission-driven Firm of like-minded individuals.

So what sets us apart?

We are fixated on impact

In every facet of our vision, mission, values, and day-to-day work, we seek to actively create the change we wish to see in the world. Whether it be co-creating solutions with our clients or driving novel thought leadership, we believe that impact is without question the most important metric of success.

We seek out the tough problems

We are motivated to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges and driven by a relentless intellectual curiosity. As such, we are continuously seeking out some of the toughest problems which require novel and creative solutions.

We are committed to continuous learning

We recognize that learning and professional development are lifelong pursuits and that both the Firm and our clients are equal beneficiaries in the growth of our team members. That’s why we are committed to investing in our Firm members’ growth trajectories. Whether it be through our proprietary trainings or financially supporting team members to pursue third-party options, we believe in committing ample resources and time to learning.

We believe in nurturing full people

We are deeply committed to creating an environment and support structure for our team members that ensure that they can be present as full people. Whether it be our flexible PTO policy, retirement matching program, or healthcare support, we believe in supporting all members of our Firm outside of the workplace.

Where the World is Going

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