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We understand the value that solution-driven insights can bring in unlocking rapid impact for our clients. Our tools & solutions employ advanced approaches, proprietary data, and in-depth expertise to help our clients deliver sustainable impact in novel and innovative ways.

We are committed to helping our clients leverage the unique capabilities our tools & solutions provide, unlocking new insights and ways of accelerating sustainable growth and impact:


Identify sustainable growth opportunities for your business by benchmarking against peers and best practice.



Gain insight into market trends, profit pools, and the forces shaping the ESG and sustainability spaces which are relevant for your organization.

Data Management

Transform the way your organization tracks and reports on key ESG and sustainability metrics.

Our Tools & Solutions

Data management presents one of the greatest pain points during an organization’s sustainability journey. Designed to resolve the challenges of manual sustainability data collection and reporting, ecoValiance allows your organization to seamlessly integrate Scope 1-3 emissions calculations, materiality assessments, and TCFD- and SBTi-aligned reporting into your regular operations – all with a few clicks.

Parallax helps your organization right-size clean energy investments and conserve financial resources in delivering on emissions reduction targets. Designed to help your organization understand what internal investments are required vs. what benefits will be realized from the external greening of the grid and where on-site renewables are viable, Parallax leverages proprietary analytics to understand how your organization can achieve commitments cost effectively.  

Whether it is the SEC’s recently passed climate disclosure rule or California’s disclosure laws, thousands of companies will soon be required to comply with new regulations. Our Disclosure Readiness Tool helps businesses rapidly diagnose their own exposure to new climate disclosure regulations, understand where there are gaps for compliance, and identify how to close gaps quickly.

As the world warms, climate threats to your organization become more common and more disruptive. From extreme heat to floods, Faros helps your organization navigate physical climate risks, maintain business continuity, and hedge against rising insurance premiums by identifying risks across your portfolio and leveraging advanced analytics to prioritize where and when to act.

Prism helps your organization rapidly strengthen its competitive value proposition through in-depth benchmarking of industry peers and identification of gaps and areas of distinction. Covering a comprehensive array of sustainability, climate, and ESG performance metrics across multiple sectors, Prism enables your organization to identify how best to sharpen its competitive edge.

From the Boardroom to the C Suite, Atlas equips corporate directors and leaders with the insights and knowledge necessary to stay up to date, mitigate risks, and seize business opportunities associated with sustainability, climate, and ESG. Designed for leaders looking to cultivate an in-depth but jargon-free and evidence-based understanding of sustainability, climate, and ESG, Atlas offers proprietary insights and approaches that will equip them to navigate an uncertain future.

ClimaLabs, our entrepreneurship acceleration program, is designed to rapidly professionalize climate-focused startups and kickstart their next growth cycle. Focused on developing the core entrepreneurial and climate skillsets of startups’ management teams, the ClimaLabs program provides climate-tech entrepreneurs with the training, network integration opportunities, and dedicated mentorship needed to build enduring capabilities and spur new business growth.

PositivESG helps your organization identify and unlock the financial value at stake from sustainability and ESG. From operating efficiencies and employee productivity to revenue uplift and futureproofing your business against transition risks, PositivESG takes baseline information about your organization, industry, and business model to quantify and prioritize value pools available through sustainability and ESG initiatives.  

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