We believe in science-based and rigorous analytical approaches and that the time to act is now 

Rooted in Science

Informed the Stockholm Resilience Center’s nine planetary boundaries, our philosophy is anchored to a scientific understanding of the threats facing our planet. To this end, we believe that the world faces an irreversible tipping point across multiple dimensions, with potentially catastrophic consequences if expedient and deliberate action is not taken. We are also deeply cognizant of the role that both the private and public sectors have and continue to play in using extractive, take-make-waste, and carbon-dependent operating models. We must help them transition towards more sustainable approaches or else risk moving closer and closer to an irreversible precipice.

Moved by a Sense of Urgency

 We believe the time to act is now and that there is an urgent need to work with both private sector and government actors to tackle these pressing and existential threats. To do so, we seek to co-create sustainable solutions for willing and motivated partners as they move through their ESG maturity journeys. For actors who do not yet feel the same sense of urgency as we do, we continuously seek to educate and persuade, working with and through coalitions of stakeholders at many different levels of the decision making process.

Anchored to a Business-minded Approach

We believe that pursuing ESG principles and earning positive financial ROIs does not need to be a zero sum game. Although there can be tradeoffs between the two, we believe that through business-minded and customized strategic methodologies, win-win solutions which have positive financial ROI and environmental impact can be achieved.

Focused on Meeting Clients Where They Are

 Our experience has taught us that the most effective way to deliver impact is to meet our clients where they are. We are opposed to copy-paste frameworks which omit clients’ contexts and one-size-fits-all communication styles. Instead, we structure our support to match our clients’ needs and ways of working, continuously adjust our support throughout our engagements to ensure impact, and always seek to communicate findings in a way which speaks directly to executive decisionmakers.

Where the World is Going

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