Our History

Motivated by the belief that people can and must pursue challenging questions, Telesto Strategy was launched in May 2020 by CEO and founder Alex Kruzel with the vision to regenerate the planet. Building on decades of experience as a strategy consultant working with private and public sector clients globally, Alex believed that applying a strategy consulting approach to some of the planet’s most pressing challenges could enable businesses and governments alike to evolve their growth models and drive climate-positive growth. To this end, Telesto Strategy began serving clients in 2020 – despite the challenges posed by starting a business in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic – bringing them tailored advisory and execution support which sought to embed the core concepts of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) into their strategies and operations.

From the very beginning, Telesto’s philosophy for solving client problems and driving climate-positive growth has been driven by scientific, evidence-based, and rigorous approaches. Unlike some consulting and advisory services, Telesto believes deeply in the indispensable value of co-building unique solutions with its clients, and its topical focus on ESG is entirely embedded within the Firm’s DNA. Telesto’s enduring commitment to its vision, mission, and values permeates every aspect of the Firm’s culture and actions.

As client and partner interest in Telesto has grown, the Firm has bootstrapped its own growth, brought on an advisory board of experts from across the ESG and organizational strategy spaces, and built out a diverse, diverse, and highly capable team of consultants and analysts from across the globe. What was once a three-person firm has since grown into a deeply trusted advisory and implementation partner for businesses, governments, and NGOs across the U.S., Africa, and Asia.

Where the World is Going

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