Our Vision, Mission, and Values

As an impact-driven organization, our vision, mission, and values are at the center of what we do, guiding our actions day to day

Our Vision

Regenerate the planet’s health, resources, and well-being

Our Dual Missions

  1. Reframe how businesses, organizations, and countries achieve growth to regenerate the planet

  2. Redirect organizations’ strategies to help solve our planet’s greatest challenges while delivering a positive ROI

Our Values

Our values serve as our Firm’s compass and intrinsic north star. As we seek to boldly support a global movement towards achieving sustainable, inclusive, and climate-positive growth, we realize that nothing is possible without living and advocating for our values.

  • Integrity & ethics: Our Firm cannot achieve its vision or mission if our actions are not held to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. We believe nothing is more important than remaining true to upright and moral conduct in all that we do. 
  • Global mindset, local engagement: The greatest challenges facing our planet are global in nature, but they must be addressed and embedded within local contexts. Thinking globally with the intent to act locally is at the core of how we approach any problem.
  • Creativity & intellectual rigor: The problem statements we support our clients and partners in addressing are both challenging and novel. Tackling them requires both intellectually robust and creative solutions.
  • Partnership & co-creation: The scale of the challenges we seek to solve cannot be addressed by one or a few actors; they will require the collective action of a wide network of partners working together in concert.
  • Fearless communication: We believe that all voices must be free to speak up and that solutions are richer when they do. We aim to inspire all – our employees, our clients, and our partners – to communicate without fear. 
  • Diversity & inclusion: We are convinced that diversity and inclusiveness result in richer outcomes for all involved. To this end, we are committed to fostering an environment which encourages diversity and inclusion within our Firm and among our clients and partners wherever possible.
  • Environmental stewardship: Climate-positive growth is at the center of what we do, and we believe that we cannot credibly promote it externally without living it internally. As such, we continuously seek to be good stewards of our environment and inspire our clients and partners to do the same.

Where the World is Going

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