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May 9, 2023

Telesto Strategy, the US State Department Office of Global Partnerships and Coalition for Climate Entrepreneurship, Academic City University College, and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs are partnering to launch an early-stage Climate Tech Accelerator to support the development of a regional pipeline of investable, climate-focused startups across Ghana.

The program will diligently source a robust cohort of Ghanaian tech startups that are delivering climate-centered solutions across a diverse array of industry verticals. Given the overall maturity of the climate entrepreneurial landscape in Ghana, Telesto will focus on identifying early-stage, pre-seed, or seed-level startups for accelerator participation.

May 5, 2023

Telesto Strategy Managing Director Ben Vatterott delivered a guest lecture today as part of the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s program on Real Estate Climate Action: Risk Assessment, Resilience, and Net Zero Success.

Attended by two dozen global leaders in sustainable real estate across both the public and private sectors, the program covered the full range of real estate and climate action topics, from risk assessment – turning science to action to improve real estate performance, to resilience – solutions and the benefits of being prepared, and net zero – decarbonization tools for market success.

APRIL 26, 2023

Telesto Strategy’s CEO & Founder, Alex Kruzel, was featured today in the Executives’ Club of Chicago’s CSR/ESG Summit, alongside a diverse array of advisors, corporate and academic leaders and offered strategic guidance for organizations that have already invested in CSR and ESG initiatives and who are figuring out what steps to take next. 

One of the foundational principles that Alex shared was the need to first build executive buy-in about where you are going and what good looks like. When Telesto works with its clients, it leverages its proprietary ESG maturity model to establish an ESG/Sustainability baseline and help to delineate aspirations across a number of parameters.


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