NOVEMBER 27, 2023

Telesto Strategy CEO to Contribute to Climate Resilient Cities Panel at COP28 in Dubai

As part of COP28 in Dubai next week, Jacobs Solutions will host a panel on Resilient Cities at the Expo City Dubai Pavilion Green Zone and feature Telesto Strategy CEO Alex Kruzel

DUBAI, UAE and CHICAGO, IL, USA, November 2023The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, often referred to as COP28, will be held from November 30 to December 12 at the Expo City in Dubai, UAE. Global climate and ESG leaders, business executives, public health officials, and policy makers will convene for a variety of discussions, panels, and events to address the future of climate change and capital across industries in the global arena.

Jacobs Solutions Inc, an international technical services firm, will host a two-day panel discussion and Q&A session on December 9 and 10, entitled “Extreme Conditions and Resilient Cities: How are Urban Centers Adapting?” as part of their Urban Resilience Programme at the Green Zone Expo City Dubai Pavilion. The panel will address how cities can adapt to the increasing climate events, infrastructure needs, affordable housing, and mobility in their communities. Alex Kruzel, CEO + Founder of Telesto Strategy, was selected to speak at the event, bringing her breadth of global experience in ESG and climate finance to the discussion.

Kathy Baughman McLeod, CEO, Climate Resilience for All, will provide the keynote address on both days of the panel. Other featured speakers include Rowan Douglas, CEO, Climate Risk and Resilience, Howden Group Holdings; and Katrin Bruebach, Global Director, Programs and Delivery, Resilient Cities Network. The panel will be moderated by Adam Hosking, Vice President and Global Director for Water Resources, Jacobs, and will cover topics including resilience and adaptation from a global perspective, understanding climate risk, and strategies to implement for the future.

The session will set the stage for meaningful dialogue that fosters knowledge transfer, increases awareness, and catalyzes partnerships for further progress on climate action and urban resilience.

About Telesto Strategy

Telesto Strategy, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), is an ESG-focused strategy consulting firm founded with a bold vision to support businesses and governments in the regeneration of the planet’s health, resources, and wellbeing. Telesto aims to achieve this ambition through its dual missions: (i) reframing how businesses, organizations, and countries can achieve enduring and inclusive growth, and (ii) redirecting corporate strategy to solve the biggest challenges of our time while delivering a positive ROI.

Telesto Strategy works globally to connect and activate Climate Capital toward localized climate solutions and climate-positive growth. To do so, Telesto engages with its partners across its key pillars: climate capital marketplace, expert network, engagement accelerator and versatile ESG platform.


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