Women-owned and mission-driven, we are focused on regenerating the planet’s health, resources, and wellbeing

Telesto Strategy, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), is an ESG-focused strategy consulting firm founded with a bold vision to support businesses and governments in the regeneration of the planet’s health, resources, and wellbeing. We aim to achieve this ambition through our dual missions: (i) reframing how businesses, organizations, and countries can achieve enduring and inclusive growth, and (ii) redirecting corporate strategy to solve the biggest challenges of our time while delivering a positive ROI.

Named for space and for the seas, the promise of Telesto is vast and enduring. We looked to nature for inspiration and found it in one of Saturn’s moons and a Greek Ocean Goddess. The promise of Telesto drives us every day to think more courageously and act more boldly. The promise of Telesto reminds us there is always more to explore and always room to grow.

We have worked closely with a wide array of private and public sector partners across the Global North and Global South. Our service lines span strategic frameworking, data analytics, and bespoke technology solutions which generate insights that inform decision making, identify learning priorities for executives, and amplify impact. Our work enables our clients to embed climate and socioeconomic impact in their day-to-day operations and strategies, allowing them to “walk the walk” in delivering on their stated goals and aspirations.

The skillsets and backgrounds of our team reflect the interdisciplinary nature of our work to harmonize organizational strategy with climate and socioeconomic aspirations. Our staff, leadership, and Board members represent a deep bench of ESG-, climate-, sustainability-, and corporate strategy-focused professionals who bring critical expertise from the intersection of business, government, and climate.

And because ESG and sustainability are deeply engrained in our firm’s mission and team’s backgrounds, we are committed to not only supporting our clients on individual engagements but to ensuring enduring impact and partnership. For us, success is not measured by our own financials but by co-developing solutions and strategies which add lasting value for our clients.

Where the World is Going

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