SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

Telesto Strategy selects Kodu Technology as the winner and Sabon Sake as runner up of its Climate Tech Accelerator as part of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Annual Conference in Ghana

In partnership with Academic City University college, U.S. Department of State Office of Global Partnerships and Coalition for Climate Entrepreneurship (CCE), and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), Kodu Technology was selected as the showcase winner and Sabon Sake was selected as the runner up by a selection of independent judges

ACCRA, Ghana and CHICAGO, IL, September 14, 2023 – As part of ANDE’s Annual Conference in Ghana, Telesto Strategy hosted an industry showcase event highlighting the work of each early-stage startup that participated in Telesto’s Climate Tech Accelerator program. Inspiring pitch presentations were given by each of the participating startups:

  • Agudor Agabas, Co-founder & CEO, AppCyclers. AppCyclers is an innovative e-waste management startup which leverages web technology, data analysis, and community sensitization programs to ensure safe disposal and management of e-waste. Their flagship product is a web-based platform which digitizes the collection of e-waste and provides an online marketplace to enhance the supply chain and the purchase and sales of recyclable raw materials from e-waste.
  • Mohammed Latifa, Quality Assurance Officer, Kodu Technology. Kodu Technology is a revolutionary company in the feminine hygiene industry that has introduced a unique and innovative product called the Banana Sanitary Pad. With a commitment to sustainability and women’s health, Kodu Technology aims to redefine the traditional concept of menstrual care, placing a strong emphasis on research and development to ensure the highest quality of its products.
  • Jeffrey Assibey, Managing Partner, Sensus Systems. Sensus Systems is focused on leveraging sensing technology to empower partners to protect people, natural ecosystems, and operations. An area of focus is investigating the impact of climate change and IUU fishing activity on fish stock populations and migration paths. Their investigative technology includes underwater acoustic sensors, long range cameras among other sensing technology. Sensus’ underwater sensing technology was originally developed by researchers at the Maritime Security Center at Stevens Institute of Technology, a DHS Center of Excellence. Sensus is partnering with Stevens MSC to investigate deploying and implementing this system in Ghana and the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Andrewla Tayki, COO, Goliath Robotics. Goliath Robotics is a research-driven assistive mobility company in Ghana that makes a range of assistive products, from Parkinson’s stabilizers and electric wheelchairs to e-bikes. Goliath focuses on making them as affordable as possible by setting up local manufacturing, training technicians, and leveraging shared technology as much as possible. In particular, their mobility-focused products are unique in the Ghanaian marketplace in that they target a largely unaddressed market (people with disabilities) and provide unique and locally designed solutions.
  • Anthony Owusu-Ansah, CEO + Founder, ShaQ Express. ShaQ Express is a tech startup that is revolutionizing the e-commerce and logistics industry through the strategic integration and use of electric motorbikes. Their mission is to create a seamless and sustainable platform that connects vendors and customers while prioritizing eco-conscious last-mile delivery solutions.
  • Jill Sarkodie Addo, Chief Operating Officer, ÉnergieRich. ÉnergieRich, a clean energy company focused on producing solar solutions locally, works to advance opportunities for communities to establish durable renewable energy and technology access through local production of innovative and appropriate technology.
  • Audrey S-Darko, Founder, Sabon Sake. Sabon Sake is a clean tech company using closed-loop carbon capture systems coupled with regenerative agriculture and an understanding of soil microbiology to solve the pressing challenges of climate change, soil degradation, and food insecurity in an evolving world.

Participants from each team presented in front of a panel of judges including Em Ekong, West Africa Regional Lead, ANDE; Mathias Kumahor, Senior Advisor, Charmaine Hayden, Founding Partner, GOODsoil VC; and John Boateng Akuoko-Tawiah, Head ESG, Sustainability and Climate Finance, Development Bank Ghana.  The competition proved exceptionally competitive, with skilled pitch presentations from each company. After the independent panel of judges conferred, Kodu Technology was selected as the winner owing to the compelling nature of Dr. Mohammed Latifa’s presentation, scalability of their business model, and high potential for impact.  Both Kodu Technology and Sabon Sake received a cash prize.

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