Alex Kruzel

CEO & Founder

Alex has partnered with a wide array of commercial, federal, and non-profit clients throughout her international consulting career. She decided to establish Telesto Strategy to support leaders to build purpose-driven strategies that drive both strong financial returns and positive ESG and Sustainability outcomes. She brings a bold global vision to regenerate the planet by building an international network of diverse business and civic leaders to formulate collaborative growth strategies that are regenerative and help solve for the greatest challenges facing our planet.

Prior to founding Telesto Strategy, Alex served as president of Market Strategy Group, a Chicago-based boutique consulting firm, and was part of Deloitte’s Emerging Market practice. Prior to consulting, Alex served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique and supported a variety of volunteer, consulting and development-related NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa. Alex is an avid traveler, painter, dancer, and learner of languages. A Chicago native, Alex gains inspiration from the grit, tenacity, internationalism, and architecture of her beautiful hometown. At the same time as thinking globally, Alex believes in local engagement and is highly involved with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and a variety of education and arts civic organizations.


Where the World is Going

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