Non-profits & Thought Leaders

We work with mission-driven organizations at the intersection of real estate and climate to enhance impact delivery by optimizing their strategies, expand the scope of impact, and enhance delivery models. We leverage our multi-sectoral network to create collaborative opportunities between for-profit and non-profit actors.

How We Help Non-profits & Thought Leaders

Define a sustainability ambition & strategy

No matter where your organization is in its journey, setting a clear ambition and strategic vision around which the entire organization can rally is vital to driving sustainable impact. We support non-profits & thought leaders wherever they are, from establishing an initial vision at the outset of their journey to revisiting and refreshing their goals when conditions and dynamics change. 

Addressing gaps in the broader landscape

As mission-driven organizations, non-profits & thought leaders not only care about the impact they create but also about the wholistic wellbeing of their beneficiaries. Understanding what partners and adjacent organizations are doing and working to provide complementary services which address gaps is a key component of how we support our non-profit & thought leader clients. 

Enhance strategies & impact delivery

Increased focus on resource efficiency has placed new pressure on non-profits & thought leaders to deliver more with less, especially for those in the sustainability and ESG space. We work with our non-profit & thought leader clients in the built environment to elevate their strategies, improve targeting and beneficiary reach, and elevate their delivery models  

Quantify & showcase impact

For many non-profits & thought leaders in the built environment, being able to clearly illustrate the impact they have can be the difference between accessing new funders and not. We understand this challenge. Whether it be quantifying abated emissions (Scope 4) or capturing the multiplier effect of programming, we support our clients to not only quantify their impact but present it in the most compelling way.  

Develop robust narratives for partners, beneficiaries & funders

Creating narratives which highlight accomplishments while illustrating ambitions is essential to helping partners, beneficiaries, and funders understand your organization’s impact. From annual reports which highlight your ESG / sustainability impact to leadership trainings, we support our clients to build narratives which showcase the sustainable value they create and their vision for future impact.

Partner on thought leadership

Non-profits & thought leaders in the built environment are uniquely positioned to drive novel thinking and new ways of understanding which accelerate sustainable outcomes. As a mission-driven organization ourself with strong analytical and storytelling capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our non-profit and thought leader clients on white papers, reports, articles, and other forms of thought leadership.

Examples of Client Impact

Developing an inaugural ESG report for $110M non-profit

We developed an ESG report for a national non-profit active in the sustainability and climate change spaces and with an annual operating budget of over $110M. We supported the organization in showcasing significant impact to date, including employee health and safety measures, employee diversity, and ongoing sustainability initiatives. The ESG report – which also included the organization’s first carbon accounting – was designed to align with peer reporting and demonstrate a clear vision for impact to the organization’s board. 

Catalyzing deployment of green financing for $40M NGO in the Midwest

We supported a non-government organization active in the Midwest with an annual budget of $40M in determining how to best catalyze the deployment of green financing, including developing detailed forecasting of federal and state funds from the Inflation Reduction Act and state green banks. Based on these findings, we helped our client prioritize where to focus its activity to accelerate and unlock the greatest impact.

Featured Tools & Solutions for Non-profits & Thought Leaders


ecoValiance, Telesto’s ESG data platform, offers an integrated ESG data solution tailored to non-profits and thought leaders’ specialized needs. The platform enables your organization to automatically calculate Scope 1-3 emissions (including tracking emissions from suppliers), conduct materiality assessments, and generate TCFD- and SBTi-aligned reports with a single click.

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