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We support key upstream players in the real estate lifecycle, from building materials manufacturers to distributors and retailers, helping them create and deliver high-quality products for their clients sustainably and resiliently all while enhancing their value proposition for customers.

How We Help Building Materials Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers

Define a sustainability ambition & strategy

No matter where your company is in its sustainability journey, setting a clear ambition and strategic vision around which the entire organization can rally is vital to driving sustainable impact. We support building materials manufacturers, distributors, and retailers wherever they are, from establishing an initial vision at the outset of their journey to revisiting and refreshing their goals when market conditions and dynamics change. 

Understand the competitive landscape

For building materials players, making sense of what competitors are doing – both regionally and nationally – in ESG and sustainability is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. We work with our building materials clients to assess what their competitors are doing, develop robust ESG & sustainability plans, and enhance their unique value proposition.

Respond to customer needs & requests

As critical upstream players in the real estate lifecycle, building materials players are receiving increasingly complex ESG and sustainability requests from their customers. Whether it be analyzing the trends shaping the sector or helping to develop ESG reports, we work with our building materials clients to capably respond to customer needs.

Develop robust narratives for customers, investors, & leadership

Creating narratives which highlight accomplishments while illustrating ambitions is essential to helping customers, investors, and leadership understand your company’s sustainability journey. From ESG / sustainability reports to leadership trainings, we support our building materials clients to build narratives which showcase the sustainable value they create and their vision for future impact.

Enhance disclosures & reporting

Whether it be the enacted California Climate Disclosure law, disclosure requirements currently under consideration by the SEC, or other legislation in Canada or the EU, legal requirements for construction firms & developers are increasing rapidly. We help our clients understand what their requirements are, what their peers are doing, and position them to enhance disclosures in a way that is consistent with their operating model and business needs.

Set and deliver on commitments (Net Zero, renewable energy, etc.)

In recent years, key players from across the built environment have begun setting sustainability commitments, ranging from Net Zero and emissions reduction targets to commitments on renewable energy and climate resilience investment. We accompany our building materials clients in setting and delivering ambitious but achievable targets.

Leverage data & analytics

As reporting requirements and data sources become increasingly complex, data-driven digital solutions become integral to simplifying and automating the process. We make our proprietary tools, like ecoValiance, available to our building materials clients to help them measure, manage, analyze, and report key sustainability, climate, and ESG data with the click of a button.

Quantify and capture value at stake from sustainability

The financial case for embedding sustainable- and climate-focused approaches in building materials is not always evident or straightforward. We leverage our expertise of what works and what doesn’t for building materials manufacturers, distributors, and retailers – coupled with proprietary solutions – to ensure our clients capture the financial opportunity that sustainability offers while protecting value.

Examples of Client Impact

Supporting a 120-year-old private plumbing valves and fixtures manufacturer to develop its inaugural ESG report

We worked with a highly respected and long-established building materials manufacturer to create its inaugural ESG report which celebrated celebrated the company’s hundred-plus years of community and sustainability impact. The report, which was created in close collaboration with the company’s leadership and the Vice President of Sustainability, took stock of the company’s achievements and commitments, including recent initiatives to track energy consumption and introduce DEI programs.  

Developing an ESG roadmap for a $400M building materials manufacturer in the Midwest

We led the creation of the first ESG roadmap for a building materials manufacturer with over $400M in revenue, starting by taking stock of current efforts to develop a clear understanding of the company’s ESG maturity relative to its peers. Next, we collaborated closely with company leadership to define key priorities for the ESG program and integrate them into a roadmap structured around seven prioritized initiatives designed to drive environmental sustainability, social impact, and good governance within the context of the company’s industry, customer expectations, and regulatory requirements.

Featured Tools & Solutions for Building Materials Companies


Prism is Telesto’s proprietary assessment and database covering a comprehensive inventorying of ESG and sustainability performance across companies within the building materials manufacturing, distribution, and retail spaces. Prism allows for clients to rapidly take stock of where they stand compared to competitors, determine gaps, and position themselves to strengthen their competitive sustainability & ESG value propositions.


ecoValiance, Telesto’s ESG data platform, offers an integrated ESG data solution tailored to building materials players specific business needs. The platform enables your organization to automatically calculate Scope 1-3 emissions (including tracking emissions from suppliers), conduct materiality assessments, and generate TCFD- and SBTi-aligned reports with a single click.

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