Vidit Jain


Vidit is an analyst working with environmental organizations, multinational companies through Telesto Strategy with a unified vision mission to drive impact for a sustainable future for current and future generations. He primarily leverages his research skills, data analysis, and strategic thinking to work with our partners to drive their ESG impact.

He graduated from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University in May 2022 studying Economics as a major. Interned at Takshashila Consulting to learn basics of Management Consulting through rigorous training, online assessments, and real-time case studies analysis and group projects. Operated as a manager/Entrepreneur in Residence at Anant Designers India (A Garment Manufacturing Firm) during his college tenure leading the overall operations of the unit, supervising 15 salaried workers in their respective domains, organizing sales calls with current customers and outside vendors & overlooking Inventory of fabric and supplies.

Vidit is extremely passionate about Football/Cricket and a lifelong Manchester United & Indian Cricket Team fan. Sports Enthusiast interested in F1, Boxing, Tennis, and Badminton. He loves non-fiction/value addition books to constantly upskill his thinking. He enjoys exploring new places/people/cultures for a holistic understanding of the functioning of society globally. He is curious about astronomy, philosophy, politics, wildlife, science, and technology.


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