Theory of Impact

Introducing Telesto ESG, a versatile ESG platform that allows companies to outsource their ESG reporting, planning and delivery brought to you by Telesto Strategy.
More than ever, calls for deliberate climate action are intensifying and being directed towards business leaders to create strategic ESG programs and net-zero strategies.

Enabling a Data-Driven Approach

To do so successfully, businesses will have to bring data, cross-functional collaboration and long-term dedication to manage their emissions as well as ESG metrics.

Simplifying ESG Planning

Telesto ESG simplifies the planning, implementation and reporting of ESG strategic initiatives with an end-to-end technology and advisory solution that automates data capture, analytics and reporting while also providing specialized guidance to ensure it meets organization, industry and sector-specific needs.

Mitigating Risk, Generating Shareholder and Stakeholder Value

In doing so, Telesto ESG mitigates compliance and greenwashing risk, helps to attract and retain capital, informs business strategy and accelerates sustainable growth.
Make decisions with environmental and social data in hand

Where the World is Going

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