Telesto’s proprietary Scope 2 emissions and green energy forecasting tool enables your organization to project energy-driven emissions decades into the future, identify the optimal selection of energy sources across buildings, and right-size clean energy investments to achieve emissions reduction targets

Leveraging nearly 50 different public and proprietary data sources to create grid-level forecasts 

ecoValiance's Benefits

Data quality & transparency

With the ability to capture data at the source (from utilities usage to business travel) and control user permissions, ecoValiance creates a data environment which maximizes fidelity and transparency.

Automated data management

Equipped with the ability to pull data directly from providers (including utilities), ecoValiance offers completely automated sustainability data management.

Reliable off-the-shelf reporting & disclosure

With end-to-end data fidelity embedded into the measurement and management processes, ecoValiance can create highly reliable and ready-to-use reports for internal discussion and external disclosure. 

Real-time dashboard creation

Where the World is Going

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