How We Work

In our mission to drive sustainable, inclusive, and climate-positive growth for our clients and partners, we leverage a range of tools and solutions around 4 main themes

Strategy & Engagement Accelerator

Informed by our leadership’s decades’ worth of experience serving Fortune 500 / Global 2000 companies as well as national and state governments across the world, our Strategy and Engagement Accelerator supports our clients in both designing and delivering robust solutions across a wide range of ESG-, sustainability-, and climate-focused topics, ranging from coaching and supporting businesses to advance to the next level of ESG maturity to helping non-profit organizations develop strategies for accelerating climate-positive growth among their own beneficiaries. Driven by our values and philosophy, the work we do for our clients through the Strategy & Engagement Accelerator is relentlessly focused on driving enduring impact which extends beyond the life of a contract.

Expert Network

Our experience in the ESG, climate, and strategy consulting spaces has taught us that sometimes there is no substitute for expert guidance from people with deep technical and firsthand knowledge. For that reason, we bring to all our client engagements a world-class network of global subject matter experts and advisors on a wide array of critical ESG- and climate-related topics, including on business accelerators, clean tech, green energy, green finance, climate resilience, climate science, ESG advisory, corporate strategy and finance, and public policy.

Versatile ESG Platform

¬†Dynamic and on-demand tools are critical to facilitating the integration of ESG into any organization’s strategy and operations. Our digital platform supports climate action by helping our clients define, monitor, and hold themselves accountable for their ESG and sustainability goals. Our platform brings a proprietary portfolio of processes, policies, standard operating procedures, and dynamic tools that enable informed decision making and facilitate compliance.

Climate Capital Exchange

Recognizing the importance that finance has in building and incentivizing climate solutions, we believe that facilitating climate capital is integral to fighting climate change. To this end, we work to make climate capital more efficient and introduce the necessary data and technology to deliver. From supporting investors to determine their impact return and communicating and identifying pockets of opportunity to integrating reporting across their portfolios, we work to build up the connective tissue between investors and entrepreneurs in the climate space.

Where the World is Going

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