Diego Bernstein

Senior Consultant

Diego is a seasoned consultant with a rich background in strategic planning and data analysis. His expertise lies at the intersection of business strategy, environmental sustainability, and data science. Diego has honed his skills in market analysis, operational optimization, and innovative problem-solving. His proficiency in coding languages equips him to handle complex data-driven sustainability challenges with precision and insight.

During his tenure at Boston Consulting Group, Diego participated in a wide variety of projects involving different industries and functional areas. During his time there he played a pivotal role in scaling up a payments fintech, he optimized the production process of a paper and pulp plant, and he implemented a more sustainable way of working on a big mining conglomerate during COVID, among others. At Eurus Energy Americas, Diego led the formulation of market entry strategies for green hydrogen and built economic model for renewable energy projects, demonstrating his expertise in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

Diego’s holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Master’s degree in Operations Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Civil Engineering from Universidad de Chile. Beyond his professional pursuits, Diego is a passionate sports enthusiast and an ardent traveler, having explored over 50 countries, which has cultivated his deep appreciation for diverse cultures and sustainable practices worldwide.

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