Carlee Taggart


Carlee is a purpose-driven leader whose experience spans the non-profit, government, and social enterprise sectors both as consultant and in-house team leader. Carlee received her MBA from Kellogg School of Management, which she leverages to increase organizational impact by ensuring alignment of strategy, resource development, operations, and mission.

Carlee has worked at the hyper-local level, through the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, the Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO), and foundation clients to understand and partner with under-resourced communities to build complex solutions. Nationally, Carlee has delivered consulting, training, and technical assistance to a diverse array of clients, and their stakeholders, through her leadership and partnership with the US Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, and through her work as a strategy and fundraising consultant with CCS Fundraising. Carlee’s international resource development experience includes research and application of innovative finance tools to fund community healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa to advance the UN’s Sustainability Goals, and developing a digital transformation strategy for a sustainable investment firm in Bolivia.

As a strategic thinker, Carlee prioritizes mission and resource optimization. As a project manager, she is skilled at leading complex teams to and through shared objectives, and is the secretary of the board of directors at two nonprofits, ALSO and YourPassion1st. Carlee is more than a decade-long resident of Chicago’s West Side neighborhoods, and is a dedicated indoor and outdoor gardener.

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