Market Research & Insights

Leveraging rigorous market research to generate in-depth insights which help leading organizations set strategy and generate distinctive thought leadership

We help key professional services & management consulting companies to set data-driven strategy and deliver unique, distinctive thought leadership in their core focus areas. From driving internal discovery to conducting qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys, we support our clients in collecting valuable insights across a wide range of industries – from healthcare to higher education and technology.

Key phases of our market research approach

  • Interview internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to inform research design
  • Integrate findings into research approach (e.g., ingoing hypotheses, vernacular, key analyses to execute)
  • Develop qualitative screeners and discussion guides
  • Conduct blind interviews with representative mix of target experts
  • Leverage findings to inform quantitative survey design
  • Develop quantitative screeners and survey instruments
  • Program and test online surveys
  • Execute surveys per target quotas
  • Clean and analyze survey data
  • Develop summary of quantitative findings
  • Create synthesized narrative of key findings
  • Workshop key findings with Core Team and refine based on their input
  • Present final report to key internal stakeholders

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