Emissions Benchmarking
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What we do

Emissions targets set under the 2015 Paris Agreement – and new pledges under the Glasgow Climate Pact – have far-reaching and material implications for the long-term corporate strategies of every company, especially those in energy, agriculture, and extractive industries. With the potential of carbon costs emerging in a range of countries, scrutiny of corporate emissions footprints and value at risk will continue to increase.

Business leaders must have more accessible and accurate data regarding the carbon and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions as well as their projected emissions.

How we do it

Our emissions benchmarking and forecasting services provide transparency at the asset and corporate level across the value chain to enable comprehensive assessment of emissions-related risks and opportunities. Our analysis is interactive and forward-looking, which allows corporate leaders to also understand both their existing emissions position and carbon intensity, as well as their emissions projections in accordance with their net-zero strategy.


Why we do it

Rapidly reducing GHG emissions and curbing the worst effects of climate change have become prominent global concerns for policymakers and business leaders alike. In this context, accurate estimates for polluting emissions and their evolution are critical for robust policy-making processes and ultimately for solving stringent global climate challenges.
Moreover, getting up-to-date information on corporate carbon emissions is a particular problem. Companies typically report their emissions only once a year and other factors can increase the time lag. But at the same time, environmental regulations apply in real-time. Investors need current environmental, social and governance (ESG) information to make informed decisions.

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