Corporate strategy in a
Resource-constrained World

What we do

Our team helps guides our partners to embed sustainability and ESG into their business practices, processes, product development, operations and strategy. From political, business, and civic leaders, we see corporations being challenged to think well beyond their purpose of delivering profits to shareholders exclusively. Thus, a new model is needed that integrates profitability and purpose, value generation and risk mitigation. We help our clients build strategies that drive value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

How we do it

We have designed a shared-value model for growth. One where corporations redefine their purpose, values, and goals and broaden their thinking beyond shareholder value, short-termism, and extraction. This pivot allows for new business opportunity through partnerships, opens new markets, leads to new product development, improves customer loyalty, and enhances overall brand value.
This pivot also ensures the resilience and agility of their supply chain and business ecosystem. At the most macro level, this approach ensures the sustainability and long-term health of all global populations and living beings.
When we assess definitions of value, a natural point of commencement is with shareholders and profitability. This has been the predominant theme of corporate success over the past three decades. What are annual profits? What is our revenue growth? What is our stock price?
These have been the hallmark of corporate decision-making for some time, and it has served many companies well in their ability to grow, amass wealth, and attract the best talent. However, as mentioned earlier, we know that businesses understand there is more value to be gained in expanding their thinking beyond shareholders.
To simplify this complex and fast-evolving context, we’ve established a progression of initiatives and activities to simplify this journey for executive leadership.

Why we do it

Businesses continue to leave growth opportunities on the table with their dated approaches to corporate growth. When business leaders accept that the nature of the global economy has irreversibly changed and broaden their view of success, a new world of growth, opportunity, and shared value can emerge.
As leading organizations reinvent their business models, re-organize corporate structures, and spend substantial time, money and resources to embed sustainability into core strategies, greater opportunities abound. As a result of these investments, many have come to see Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, not as a regulatory burden, but as a tool to attract investors and financing.

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We bring a portfolio of mutually reinforcing services to support organizations to accelerate their ESG journeys and ensure positive ROI for shareholders and stakeholders.

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