Areas of Expertise

In our mission to drive sustainable, inclusive, and climate-positive growth for our clients and partners, we have cultivated expertise across a range of topical areas

ESG Journey Acceleration (Strategy, Reporting, Transformation Mgmt.)

Drawing on our ESG Maturity Model, we support organizations at all stages of their ESG / sustainability journeys – from those that are just getting started to those who are driving innovation at the forefront. Depending on where our clients are, we tailor our support, offering materiality assessments and executive trainings to assessing ESG readiness across the organization’s value chain and quantifying socioeconomic impact.

Technology-Enabled ESG as a Service

For many organizations, dynamic tracking requires significant capital investment in tools and capabilities. Our ESG tracking tool enables organizations to track critical metrics in real time on demand.

Emissions Benchmarking and Forecasting 

By integrating historical emissions data with corporate strategies and broader market trends, we generate forward-looking and dynamic models of organizations’ emissions.

Net-Zero Target Setting and Strategy Development

We support organizations in developing emissions reductions targets and roadmaps by analyzing current emissions profiles, benchmarking peer organizations and industry best practice (including SBTi), ensuring alignment with key partners, and designing decarbonization initiatives.

Decarbonization Transformation

Delivering against emission reduction targets requires an cross-organization approach. We support our clients on developing and delivering the internal transformations needed to achieve net zero, including change management, internal trainings, SOP integration, and KPI setting.

Measuring & Quantifying External / Scope 4-like Impact

For organizations whose products and services generate positive external impact (e.g., solar panel manufacturers, financial services firms) we develop bespoke modeling tools that quantify impact to-date (including Scope 4 emissions) and help make the financial and sustainability cases for scaling.

Carbon Abatement, Decarbonization Roadmapping, & Financial Modeling

We help organizations identify financially sustainable interventions that optimize ROI and sustainability, including renewable energy procurement, energy efficiency, carbon credit procurement, and embedding carbon assessments into asset/portfolio management and capital deployment processes.

Climate Capital Promotion

We leverage our unique combination of climate and corporate strategy expertise to connect the dots between sources of capital and positive ROI opportunities for climate impact, including emissions abatement, carbon sequestration, and climate resilience interventions.

Climate Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Support

We view building up the “connective tissue” between climate investors and investees as integral to increasing climate finance globally. We support both sides of the investment equation by equipping climate entrepreneurs to engage with potential investors (e.g., preparing pitch decks, developing a business narrative) and helping investors find the right targets.

Where the World is Going

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